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    Gracy Kelly was 25 years old when she won an Oscar. After three years she was the princess of Monaco.

    She was born on November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

   The  third daughter of John Brendan Kelly of Senior (1889-1960) and Margaret Katherine Majer (1899-1990), sister of John Brendan Kelly, Jr. (1927-1985), Margaret Katherine Kelly (1925-1991) and Elizabeth Anne Kelly (1933-2009).

Grace Kelly at the age of 2 with her brother John (Kell) and her sister Margaret Katherine (Peggy)
Grace Kelly in 1935 with her family. From top left to bottom right 

Grace Kelly as a child
Grace Kelly in 1948 with her brother John and her sister Margaret

Grace Kelly with her sister Lizanne and her mother Margaret

    She knew she wanted to become an actress from her early age.
     Little indicated that Kelly would have such an exceptional career: Catholic school, strict upbringing, parents' disapproval for their daughter's plans.  

   Despite the parents' disapproval, Grace Kelly appeared on the screen, having been a model as well as a theater actress before. At age of 22 she got her first film role. 

 Grace Kelly is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in history.

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  1. Very nice post. Beautiful foto.Grace Kelly is a very beautiful actress and Princess. Regards.